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Carbon Farmers of Australia has been helping farmers and others gain access to carbon markets since 2006, and are now expanding to cover industrial and commercial operations as we move forward with pioneering the burgeoning Australian carbon trade industry.

It’s Time … The National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo’ will be held on 5-8 August 2019 in Albury NSW.

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AND so it was. Movement in the USA. And an Ecosystem Services Market comes one step closer. Yes, carbon sequestration, yes reduce emissions, but other services also need to be rewarded. We will discuss them all at the 2019 Carbon Farming Conference.

Here is Greta doing a great job again. The school kids will again raise the profile of action on climate change in March.

Great to hear businesses interest But using cheap International units here. Huge credit demand there if they understand link between food supply and soil security. Businesses which rely on an Australian farmer need to support by buying Aust. Farm Credits.

Khory doing well spreading the word. You can meet him at the 2019 Carbon Farming Conference and have a chat after he tells us how he is progressing

We de-mystify the Carbon Farming Initiative and carbon credit trading so all farmers can participate.
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