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Carbon Farmers of Australia has been helping farmers and others gain access to carbon markets since 2006, and are now expanding to cover industrial and commercial operations as we move forward with pioneering the burgeoning Australian carbon trade industry.



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The elephant in the room is... Climate ADAPTATION will not be possible, without MITIGATION now. We must first take out the legacy load! #carbonfarming #regenerativeagriculture

As we head into the festive season, you may ask:
What did we achieve this year? What's coming around the corner? Will demand for Carbon Credits keep increasing? (hint... yes!)
#carbonfarming #regenerativeagriculture

Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) are Financial Products, can be earnt and sold or kept - as the owner wishes. Farmers will have selling choice.
#CarbonFarming #RegenerativeAgriculture #ClimateActionNow

I’m often asked the questions: “I’m thinking of going carbon neutral to get a premium, is this a good idea?” and “Can I do that as well as earn a carbon credit?”

So, here is the explanation in a few words:

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