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Carbon Farmers of Australia has been helping farmers and others gain access to carbon markets since 2006, and are now expanding to cover industrial and commercial operations as we move forward with pioneering the burgeoning Australian carbon trade industry.



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I’m often asked the questions: “I’m thinking of going carbon neutral to get a premium, is this a good idea?” and “Can I do that as well as earn a carbon credit?”

So, here is the explanation in a few words:

Who'll buy your Carbon Credits?🤔 Spot prices for up to 20k ACCUs going for $16.10 - up from $14.90 just months ago!
Demand is there. Will it disappear? Don’t know about you, but I don’t think the topic is going away - do you?
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Generate Carbon Credits says David Parker, Chair of the Clean Energy Regulator. The small offering of credits at last auction sent the CER a clear message of ‘make our engagement easier’ - CER is responding that boosting SUPPLY of credits is its priority.

What does your Carbon Farming journey look like? -…/what-does-your-carbon-farming-journey-…

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