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Carbon Farmers of Australia has been helping farmers and others gain access to carbon markets since 2006, and are now expanding to cover industrial and commercial operations as we move forward with pioneering the burgeoning Australian carbon trade industry.

It’s Time … The National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo’ will be held on 5-8 August 2019 in Albury NSW.

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The results are in: narrow Coalition win/minority Gov. Now let’s get on with it. Carbon Farming will grow whoever's in power. The need for Climate Change mitigation and the win/win of Carbon Farming & Regenerative Ag! #nationalcarbonfarmingconference

HURRY - EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION CLOSES THIS FRIDAY! Don't miss out on discounted registration to the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo! #nationalcarbonfarmingconference #climatechange #CarbonFarming #regenerativeagriculture
Interested to learn HOW your members’ interests can be fostered in this new market and how to use creative thinking to FIND YOUR WAY to a share of Carbon Credits?
Learn HOW to do this and much more at the 2019 Carbon Farming Conference & Expo!

The TREE OF LIFE - Ancient symbol, modern meaning. Trees are essential to Regenerating the Land, to providing food and shelter - with beneficial edge effects, and microclimates, and food.

We de-mystify the Carbon Farming Initiative and carbon credit trading so all farmers can participate.
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