📣 Speaker highlight! 📣 Meet Matthew Warnken


In the weeks leading up to the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo we’ll give you a preview of some of the talented people that make up our speakers!




Matthew Warnken is founder and Managing Director of AgriProve, Australia’s first one-stop-shop for soil carbon under the Emissions Reduction Fund (AND our Principal Sponsor of the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo).

Those of you reading along may have also noticed Australia’s first soil carbon credits were issued under the ERF for AgriProve’s flagship project in eastern Victoria.

SO, Matthew will tell us all about the Soil Carbon Industry Group (SCIG). It was formed in response to the many opportunities and challenges presented by soil carbon projects.

How can you be involved in this group to lead the evolution of the method towards ‘mainstreaming’ this Soil Carbon Enterprise?

Come along to the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo and find out!




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