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Ramji Prasad Bhattarai is Director of our sister company Carbon Farmers of Nepal (CFN).

Ramji’s going to explain how we’re working with Nepali farmers under the Gold Standard to create Carbon Credits for Agroforestry. How the Moringa Tree can bring multiple benefits to Nepal and beyond.

The Gold Standard leads to credits which can be sold in the Voluntary Markets. We’ll explain this Standard and its potential in Australia — What is Agroforestry and how can it be implemented?


  • Out of 3000 seeds sown in Gorditar, 2600 seedlings are now ready to transplant in the field. 370 seeds did not germinate and 20 seedlings were damaged by the insect pests. Four hundred seeds again sown in the poly bag
  • All 2600 seedlings distributed to the farmers and they have kept these in their kitchen garden for proper care until field ready for plantation.
  • Eight hundred pit having 2 ft depth and 1 ft diameter are ready for plantation and 400 seedlings planted in the field. Farmers will complete the plantation work by the end of may in Gorditar.
  • Seedling in the nursery of Phujel are good. Out of 6000 seeds sown, 5200 seeds germinated and 20 plants are damaged by insects.  Nursery work in Phujel starts again from today for producing 4000 more seedlings for other sites.

What is the potential for this method in Australia?

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