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Khory Hancock is an Australian Environmental Scientist. Khory grew up on a cattle station on Carnarvon Gorge in central Queensland. Growing up in this remote and ecologically diverse area gave him a genuine, lifelong interest in and passion for practical management in relation to the environment and sustainability.

For the last 12 months, Khory has been working on an open ocean seaweed farming project as a ‘blue carbon’ methodology

In this presentation, he will:

  • Showcase how seaweed farms work in the open ocean.
  • Show a balance between the current science, number crunching and how seaweed farming can benefit the carbon/agriculture industry.
  • Touch on the blockchain technology and the potential to trade carbon credits using seaweed sequestration.
  • MLA and CSIRO have been undertaking seaweed cattle/sheep feed trials to reduce methane emissions.
  • The seaweed farming model is already viable through Professor Brian Von Herzen’s work at the Climate Foundation (including actual carbon sequestration and economic figures).
  • Benefits to Great Barrier Reef and carbon drawdown.
Khory is also known as The Environmental Cowboy, a persona who uses humour and entertaining videos to educate the audience on climate science, identifying the current and future challenges faced in Australia and globally with an aim to influence behavioural change.



One of our three Conference Moderators, we’ll have plenty of opportunity to explore Khory’s professional experience – across numerous industries that include carbon offsets, carbon farming, coal seam gas, pipeline construction, mining, land rehabilitation, water and soil testing/monitoring, sustainable agricultural management, waste management, greenhouse gas reporting and public transport. Khory is also Guest Presenter at the National Carbon Cocky Awards Presentation Gala Dinner, held on Tuesday 6 August at the Commercial Club Auditorium in Albury.

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