📣 Speakers program 📣 announced for National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo




Hi! I hope you’ve been enjoying our ‘spotlights’ on our speakers and are suitably impressed with the lineup. I’ve scoured the Nation for the best 🙂

The National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo is shaping up to be an amazing experience for all, with more than 30 Exhibitors, half day Field Day, Conference with over 35 Speakers, GALA Dinner and much more! Keep those Registrations rolling in to take advantage of this one-off opportunity.

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Australia, amazingly enough, is at the forefront of the ‘Soil Carbon Sequestration for Credits’ scene. This is thanks to all who insisted that Farmers should be allowed to meet the new Carbon Markets if they wished and also enhance Carbon Sequestration in Vegetation. (Plus reducing methane from the Beef Herd!)

We are now reaping the rewards of these efforts as some of the results being achieved in the Soil Carbon Space would have been thought of as ‘impossible’ only a few short years ago. Yet, here we are, with the MOST RIGOROUS measurements possible, showing the way.

We don’t forget the Trees either – 5 fabulous Speakers will demonstrate how Farmers can also integrate Trees/Farming/Agroforestry and Biodiversity for Various types of Credits.


OMG, the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo is under 4 weeks away!!


And now you can see all the Sessions and Speakers in their slots. I suggest ALL speakers and Sessions are extremely important – but you may have a favourite.

Speaking presentations are 15 minutes long – so the speakers are to the point and exciting. Handpicked by me to bring you the most pertinent information!

You know what to do – go forth and register!




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