100% Australian Carbon Offsets purchased for carbon neutrality

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A recent announcement by ISPT, whose investors are some of Australia’s largest industry superannuation funds, confirmed that it had procured 100% ACCUs* (we all know what that stands for, right?) in offsetting its emissions to go ‘carbon neutral’.

It has done this using ‘savanna burning’ credits, generated from Indigenous projects which agree to change fire management, reducing emissions.

WHAT’s the importance of this? Well, normally to go ‘carbon neutral’ a company might buy a few ACCUs – because they are relatively expensive and offset their remaining emissions with cheaper INTERNATIONALLY generated credits. (By the way, we can’t export ACCUs, but that’s another discussion!)

So WELL DONE ISPT! We’ll need a ‘Buy Australian Credits’ campaign soon (as soon as we have some Soil C credits in the bank)!

*Australian Carbon Credit Units

OK, so no one has promised to offset their emissions with Soil Carbon Credits – but then, we still don’t have that many to sell!

But one day, soil carbon will have that mantle (mark my words). It must, because we have the LARGEST carbon sink under our control. Farmers control over 50% of the land mass – here and internationally.

AND its already started! Australia is the FIRST country to issue Soil Carbon Credits. AND, importantly, Soil Carbon is one of Minister Angus Taylor’s top 5 ‘technology roadmap’ priorities.

For Soil Carbon this means a FAST-TRACKED, improved method. Within 12 months. We have already sat in workshops where the Clean Energy Regulator is consulting on making changes that will increase uptake. Stay tuned for this next year.

Announcing the formation of the Soil Carbon Industry Group (SCIG)

In another industry first, a group of Soil Carbon enthusiasts have come together under the banner of the Carbon Market Institute to form a not-for-profit Soil Carbon Industry Group. Currently, I am co-chairing the group along with Matthew Warnken.

We have come together to be the ‘voice of the Industry’ and to stand up for the Soil – and building Carbon in the Soil. Next year this group will be seeking members so please have a look at the site. We’ll be spearheading a Soil Carbon Summit in July/August of next year under this group. As you know, I’m always happy to chat, so feel free to ask me questions about SCIG.

In other news:

Carbon Neutral LNG?

Buyers of liquid natural gas (LNG) in Asia are beginning to demand that suppliers be carbon neutral. Its early days, but a great sign of ‘who will buy’ in the future. Will Australian LNG suppliers need to offset their footprint?

In another recent media piece, I explain why Carbon Farmers are climate rockstars. YES, my rockstars, let’s do this!

Also, if you haven’t seen this before, and you love the soil, take a look at this great piece.

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