2015 Carbon Farming Conference and Expo – EARLY Bird Registration Open

May 1, 2015 Louisa Kiely

Well, the first round of the ERF certainly got a reaction! So much ‘chatter’ on the air ways.

Who got what price? – what method was it?, who can get it next time? What do you have to do to participate? Is it worth it?

Meanwhile, we’ve got wonderful people working on the ground to make sure your soils can be improved to store more carbon, new, cheaper measurement options. Improved fertilisers. More grazing options.

But what about the new methods?
What is less well known is that there is now more options on farm – Its NOT just ‘don’t cut down the trees’, or even just improve the soil carbon.

We can now improve fuel efficiency on farm machinery or stationary pumps, feed different supplements to beef cattle, there is a range of things to do with tree sequestration, and more potentials coming to claim a reduction in emissions to earn a credit and then bid into the system.

Soon you will be able to finish cattle early to gain a credit or improve the nitrous oxide emissions from irrigated cotton as well.


But where do you find out about all of this? At the 2015, 8th annual Carbon Farming Conference and Expo!

Early Bird Registration open now here »

Not only that – Farmers get special Rates.

We will have experts in all areas – From Policy to Practice. This is the only holistic education in one place – From the 1/2 day field day to the Advanced Industry workshop, you go home knowing what you want to do, and how to do it.

Do you belong to a group? They need to understand how to ‘aggregate’ to put in a bid on behalf of the group.

Next time I’ll let you know about how the whole of farm audit could put money in your pocket – but get in early to get the best rates.

Let make sure Rural and Regional Australia continue to be at the forefront of Carbon Farming

As ever, please don’t hesitate to give me a bell with any queries. I’m on 02 6374 0329.


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