3 Weeks to go! Program announced. Still the only thorough education around!

June 17, 2015 Louisa Kiely

Hi Everyone – So, it takes a while to assemble the best of the best to inform and educate everyone.

Now its ready. Please find the program here. No where else is the creme de la creme of the carbon world gathered in Rural Australia. We are grateful to the speakers for giving us their time.

Just ask yourself – Where else do I go to learn about this – just in case I might want to take part? What if the next round of the ERF is announced next week – how do I engage?

My creme de la creme includes Peter Castellas, who is the CEO of The Carbon Market Institute and is just back from an overseas trip – he has ALL the latest on what is going on with the other big polluting countries, and he says he’s excited by what is happening. The Paris talks are looking more promising than the others for a Global Agreement.

But wait, there’s more! So I’m onto the Field 1/2 day program – Let me give you a taste.

We will be going to a great property about 20 minutes out of Albury. Run by the Taylors, originally of Pooginook fame, this is an excellent example of a Carbon Farm. We’ll hear about how the Taylors are bringing it back – Our tour will include a visit to their Natural Sequence Farming Site – designed by Peter Andrews – I can’t wait to see that. We’ll also have a look at their CFI/ERF Tree plantings – an example of ‘going it alone’ on a smaller site.

However, it doesn’t stop there –

We’ll be showing you HOW the soil carbon testing under the approved method is carried out on the ground – With Dr Thakur Bhattarai – Ask questions.

AND a brand new Soil Renovator Machine. This machine is turning heads, I can assure you – and we’ll hear the famous Dr Maarten Stapper talk about its potential.

Both of the above gentleman will expand on these topics at the conference

So much to look forward to! It’s going to be great.

Don’t forget to pick up the phone for a chat whenever you feel like it – 02 6374 0329


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