And, it was thus………

March 23, 2014 Louisa Kiely

It was with great relief………. 

 OMG –   The conference is over!!   Its a huge effort each year, but each year it proves itself.

We were thrilled to host this years conference in Canberra  – which attracted the public service types who otherwise just can’t make it.   

There was lots of great conversations and plans laid – delicious food and good company, not to mention some really nice wine. 

But, the biggest relief came from the announcements made.   We had inspirational speakers who were instrumental  in helping the 200 plus souls gathered understand the way this ‘carbon farming’ works, but the Minister helped this along when he announced:

1. That  Grazing Management will be on the Positive list!   This is the GREEN Light for Graziers to take part in the Carbon Farming Initiative –  Just like we have said, and

2. There WILL be a 25 year Carbon Credit Option.  This eliminates the fears around the ‘100 year’  rule  – while having implications of  its own! 

 Then, add to this, Shayleen  Thompson from the Department said the Soil Carbon Meth will be on public view in April (sometime) –  This will be YOUR chance to finally get a look at it and comment  AND  it is planned that farmers will be able to start a project by July 1 – subject to what happens to the Carbon Price repeal

We also met on the Thursday with 30 brave souls to discuss the future for this industry. We decided we DO need some form of Association  and I’ll bring you news of that soon.

Just recovering at the moment,  but soon we’ll have the Association up and running.

I will have ‘soil carbon’ measurement teams available in each State – once the details are clear and  ready for the July1  and we’ll be hosting some webinars in the lead up to explain how things might work.  

 So, finally we have delivered what we have worked towards for 9 long years!  A ‘meth’ emerges –  and it doesn’t look too bad!  What a huge relief – and worth a glass or two of champagne!

However, we  now have some serious work ahead to keep costs down and prices up for farmers but hey, that’s a smaller mountain compared to the ones we have climbed so far!  WE have a Marketing background and can think of lots of ‘niche’  ideas to ensure people are prepared to pay for what we will have –  Gourmet Carbon!   





7th National Carbon Farming Conference and Expo

ALL your questions were answered!!

Slides from speakers soon available at:

Other speakers in the Soil Carbon Measurement space at conference were inspirational. 

Dr Raphael Viscarra – Rossel – CSIRO

Dr Raphael Viscarra- Rossel is responsible for developing novel approaches to measure, model and map soil for CSIRO Land and Water, and leads developments in proximal soil sensing, soil spectroscopy and digital soil mapping.  His research contributes to the CSIRO’s Sustainable Agriculture Flagship and supports its goals by developing novel scientific approaches to better understand soil and its condition.  Dr Viscarra Rossel leads a DA FtRG2 project to develop an innovative solution for accurate and affordable estimates of soil carbon;  a GRDC project to look at the effectiveness and profitability of sensors for measuring soil carbon, and co-leads the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) continental scale digital soil mapping project.

 This method is up and coming in the soil carbon measurement space.


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