Announcements, announcements!

The Inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo – your one-stop shop for all knowledge!

Who knew that in 2023 we’d have a $3 billion carbon farming industry evolving before our eyes? It shows you what can be achieved with some determined groups and a financial incentive. Now, let’s move to evolution, clarity, and ensure farmers and landholders of all types can participate.

So, we are galloping along with all things Nature-Based Solutions conference. Scouring the land for the new and innovative to propel this market forward for landholders. And we of course have announcements to make!

Firstly: the draft conference program is up now on the website!

You can see we’ll be talking about:

  • Lowering costs of measurement in the soil carbon space – new machines all over the place, as well as technology solutions moving forward
  • What does integrity in the market mean and how will it be maintained, for the good of all. The Chubb review wash up
  • How to identify and stay clear of greenwashing
  • To go carbon neutral and keep your credits on farm or take them to market? Plain-English explanations so you can make up your own mind
  • Global demand, world trends, Paris Agreement implications, and more
  • Farmer’s experience in implementing project
  • What are the tax implications of mounting a project?
  • When do you need a lawyer? … and MUCH more!


Spotlight on our sponsors

We have some fabulous partners assisting us in demystifying all of these areas. Today we are delighted to introduce Precision Pastures as our exclusive Soil Carbon Summit sponsor. Meet Hamish Webb, Director and Interim CEO  and a sheep and cattle farmer based near Uralla in the New England region of NSW:


From mining boom to dining boom…
The market for Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCUs) is following a common trend for Australian agriculture where demand is outpacing supply. On tables across the world, people will soon be sitting down to a tender Australian steak, a glass of Australian shiraz, and a side of guilt-reducing Australian Carbon Credit Units.

With more land than most other countries and older (lower carbon) soils with which to increase carbon stocks, Australian farmers are well placed for our next boom – soil carbon farming.

But don’t panic, the soil carbon method is not about reducing our food production in order to increase soil carbon… quite the opposite.

So how does it actually work?
The Australian Clean Energy Regulator (CER) has developed a method for farmers to generate ACCUs by sequestering carbon in their soils. This method requires farmers to undertake new farm activities to improve soil health such as rectifying poor pH levels or nutrient deficiencies and renovating pastures which increases pasture production and increases soil carbon.

Six steps to creating soil carbon credits:

  1. Register farm and soil carbon project with the Clean Energy Regulator
  2. Undertake baseline soil sampling and testing
  3. Commence eligible activities to improve soil health
  4. Undertake secondary soil sampling and testing
  5. Complete CER audit and receive ACCUs
  6. Sell, hold, or inset ACCUs

What is it worth?
Soil carbon sequestration can be highly variable from farm to farm, however recent trials conducted in partnership with Meat and Livestock Australia and across several pastoral properties in NSW have shown that where soil health is optimised, soil carbon levels can increase by as much as 2%, generating in excess of 200 ACCUs (worth approximately $6,000) per hectare. This is the extreme, however rates of 3-10 ACCUs (worth approximately $90-$300) per hectare per year are quite common.

Established in 2014, Precision Pastures is an independent soil, pasture, and carbon agronomy company based in the New England region of NSW. We provide on-the-ground soil testing, data-driven agronomic advice, and end-to-end soil carbon services to clients all over Australia.


I can’t wait to catch up with the Precision Pastures team at the conference. What are you going to ask them about your farm?

Now, don’t look for the remote just yet – stay tuned!

We’ll be announcing our fantastic Gala Dinner speaker, and introducing the sponsor of the evening, later this week.




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Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo

Monday 17–Wednesday 19 July 2023