AUSSIE, AUSSIE, AUSSIE, OI, OI, OI!!! Draft Conference Program announced!

September 10, 2012 Louisa Kiely

With the success of our paralympians and the ringing in my ears, my fervour rises into the stratosphere (and my language skills tend to decrease as a result). “Dare to dream” hardly does these guys justice. Many have overcome obstacles that make me shake in my boots just thinking about. Many, many have been told never to dream, to go home and accept their fate.

The reason they are there is because they WON’T accept their ‘limitations’, preferring to write their own scripts. It CAN be done, they are sure, if they just keep up the hard work, take the pain and stay as focused as an arrow searching for the bullseye. Hour after relentless hour.

It is with this fervour that we mount the 6th annual Carbon Farming Conference and Expo. With this conference I want to show how we CAN make a multi-million dollar market that simultaneously helps solve the climate challenge, builds resilience into the Australian landscape and breathes life back into Regional Australia.

For once, we have:

  • The political will, from both sides of politics
  • A ready made market – The low carbon era is here to stay, no matter the right or wrong.
  • A starting framework – and what starting framework has ever been perfect?
  • The best business people in Australia being called to do the job. Our Farmers.

Yet the CFI is having trouble getting off the ground. She’s the Boeing 747 of her time; she’s on the runway, she’s got the fuel, but where is lift off? Why is there no lift off? Because we are still talking Greek!

Where is the PLAIN ENGLISH explanation? what actually ARE the rules and can we live with them? or who do we talk to for advice? Is the Government listening?


Conference Crowd

Now folks, because I spend 24/7 eating and breathing this thing and I love Plain English, I’ve been able to put together experts in each of the relevant, in play now, fields to explain this to you in detail.

  • What are the rules?
  • How to engage
  • Is there a buck in it now?
  • What is coming up?
  • Basically everything you need to make a decision around being involved – if you are a farmer, an NRM agency, or you provide services to farmers. Instant expert, over just a few days.

We’ve unveiled the draft Conference program, so why not give this a bloody good shake and then see if we can live with it! You won’t know until you can weigh it up.

Stay turned for some more great announcements, too – will have to wait until next newsletter because I’ve prattled on too long!

As you know, I remain your humble carbon servant.

P.S. Oh, and for some reason the Prime Minister has declined my offer of a speaking spot. Will I let that stop me?

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