Australian Soil Carbon Method – Evolution Continues!

Australia leads the world in rewarding Farmers for increasing soil carbon by utilising the Carbon Trading space

And now the Release of the 2021 Soil Carbon method for Public Consultation continues this tradition.

In another apparent overnight sensation, the 2021 Soil Carbon method is now available for public consultation. View and review it here. You’ll find the method, the method supplement and the simple method guide.

ALL of these documents are important for you to review. AND upload a submission if you believe any of it can be improved.

Be aware that new methods are constrained in many ways by the actual Carbon Farming Initiative legislation e.g. What this means is that while we may want NO restrictions on activities, the legislation requires that ‘activities’ are included.

Changing a method is one thing, changing the legislation is a whole different kettle of fish, so it’s a case of shoe-horning (is that a word?) or fitting the best outcomes for the method into existing legislation.

CFA, as well as many others, have joined this Taskforce to make the 2021 Soil Carbon Method the best it can be, and to future-proof it so that it doesn’t fail the tests that new technology can bring. The Soil Carbon Industry Group (SCIG) even mounted a Soil Carbon Method Summit in July to bring to light as many issues as possible.

So, while it has ‘appeared’ today, rest assured that many have worked on it tirelessly for a year to get it to this stage. Please respect all the work that has gone into bringing it to you today. AND have your say. You have a month. Once it’s approved, that is IT.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Or the Clean Energy Regulator for technical questions.



Oh, and by the way… we’ve also been busy planning the next National Carbon Farming  Conference!

Yes, we were lucky enough to stage the 2019 conference just before Covid hit, and I’m betting that we’ll be able to get together by May 2022. Same place – Albury, NSW.

Download the 2-page flyer here. Sponsorship opportunities and website coming soon.

PLEASE GET THE DATES IN YOUR DIARY. This will be a celebration of everything we’ve learned since 2019 – methods, technology, blockchain. And a launching pad for the Future of Carbon Farming and Carbon Trading. We had 400 attendees in 2019 and 35 eager exhibitors, and I expect 2022 to surpass all of this.

I can’t wait to bring it to you and have a few drinks with you as well. My conference is well known for the quality of its content, as well fantastic food and 🥂.