Australia's first peer reviewed soil carbon measurement protocol released!

February 17, 2013 Louisa Kiely

With the release of the first peer-reviewed, published soil carbon measurement protocol, my confidence in my ‘Year of the Soil Carbon Methodology’ remains high!

Please take care – This is not CFI compatible at the moment – but what it does show is that there is a group of scientists and other disciplines which have solved the issues around measurement for a Market Based Instrument. What it does is further the discussion, it shows a will to move forward and it makes us here very excited!

What does it mean? What we need to move forward for trading is an approved soil carbon measurement protocol at DOIC level (Domestic Offset Integrity Committee). This will signal that we can ‘baseline’ soil carbon – setting the beginning level for a trading environment! Still a way to go for an approved method after that – but it’s a very important step.

All of this will become clear as we move through our webinar series – there is too much to tell in newsletters! First one coming up, so please go and register – It’s been exciting and challenging to get the materials together to give you the best chance to become knowledgeable in this area!

There is still work to be done! We must continue to stand up for farmers in the carbon farming space, and this is where the Carbon Farming and Trading Association can take its place. This is your opportunity to assist in making sure farmers can be paid fairly for their part in climate change mitigation! The AGM for the Carbon Farming and Trading Association has been announced – come and have your say!

Announcing a new offering – Trusted Advisor Carbon Smarts Program

We know that some of you have clients who are now asking about this ‘carbon stuff’ – What does it mean, what can be done, and other interesting questions. We also know that you are time poor, and can’t spend the time on getting all the information. Well, we can! 

We ‘do’ the carbon farming, trading, policy and other areas 24/7 and as you see in the newsletter, we get LOTS of information each week. Why not sign up to our Trusted Advisor Carbon Smarts Program to get tailor-made information to your inbox each week. Perfect for making YOU an instant ‘expert’ with our knowledge standing behind you.

Interesting links across my desk this week

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  • “Regional initiatives” dollars in clean energy space. Worth a look if you have a good idea (get as many contracts signed as you can!). Click here for more.

I remain your humble carbon servant. I can be reached on 02 6374 0329, emailed at, or contacted through the website.

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