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December 12, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Well, well, well………… in an amazing year of politics, where nearly every policy has been changed, re-arranged , owned then dis-owned, it is an extraordinary fact that The Carbon Farming Initiative has been the ONLY bi-partisan policy to make it through the turmoil.

Yes, Direct Action will open up the potentials outside of farming – The Government flagging ‘CDM’ type credits, for instance. This type of credit may reward everything from lowering methane emissions from mines to efficiencies which lower emissions in buildings.

However, the Government has a mandate to implement the soil carbon solution, which was taken to the election. There is also a commitment to ‘lowest cost abatement’.

These apparently mutually exclusive issues means that farmers will need to find ways to keep costs low, and actively seek niche markets.

For those who believe the Voluntary markets are dead, think again! With the World having trouble agreeing on what can be done, its companies, people and States who are actively seeking solutions.

A great example of this is Disney Click here see what they are doing.

In reality, this market, driven by the need to address a serious issue may develop outside of Government policies in the end!

For all these reasons, I believe 2014 will be the year of partnerships – of collaboration. This market system in Australia is not big enough for a whole number of big players. Success will come to those who choose to join and work together .

Its like the Richard Branson (Virgin) model. He just puts great teams together.

To cut through all this, and get to what will, and can REALLY happen, we have moved our annual conference to Canberra in March. We will have much more knowledge of what is happening by then.
We have many exciting things in store! Click here to view. Come to hear the latest and maybe lobby a pollie or two while you are there!!

AND Now, for my predictions :

In 2014 – There WILL be:


  • An ‘approved’ soil carbon measurement protocol – Developed by the CSIRO. 
  • A biochar methodology – using manure as the feedstock. 
  • One, or even two approved soil carbon methodologies – Grazing and nutrient management. 
  • There will be movement on making the Carbon Farming Initiative more ‘farmer friendly’. 

So, heres to 2014 – Have a great break and we will have so much more to tell in the New Year. We’ll all be full of renewed energy and enthusiasm.

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