October 8, 2018 Louisa Kiely

A subscriber of ours sent us the piece below – it’s a different perspective on why cows [and indeed, any herding or grass eating animals] just may be the best environmentalists. BY Vineet Sahai (New Delhi, India) No creation on earth…

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So what’s the elephant in the room?

September 18, 2018 Louisa Kiely

And G’day to all the ‘Carbon Farming Artists’ out there.   I had much furious agreement with that posture – and many great comments about the Carbon Farming Handbook – please feel free to ask for one by return email if…

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The Art of Carbon Farming for Regenerative Agriculture

August 30, 2018 Louisa Kiely

Yes, you read correctly – the ART of Carbon Farming. I know, I know, it relies on the ‘science’ of the soil and farming. It is well known that more carbon in the soil will improve water holding capacity and soil…

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UPDATE: The National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo will be held in 5 – 8 AUGUST 2019, ALBURY NSW

August 6, 2018 Louisa Kiely

Because IT’S TIME. For too long the role of Farmers in lowering emissions and storing carbon has gone unsung. Beset with difficulties, roadblocks and over-complications. Yet, the market for soil carbon, tree carbon and reduction in methane and CO2 on farm…

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Here comes the REALLY BIG Carbon Market

May 5, 2016 Louisa Kiely

Just been sitting at the carbon trading conference in Melbourne at the hallowed MCG, at the 3rd Australian Emissions Reduction Summit. They concentrated here on the Paris Agreement, (the historical carbon agreement decided in Dec last year) and what that…

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