But wait, THERE’S MORE!!

So, we know Farmers are Heroes of the Climate Mitigation Solution using our soils, vegetation and crops, and we know that our domesticated grass eaters are our co-creators of this New Farming win/win Paradigm.

We know that others are taking notice — Many ‘Regenerative Agriculture’ groups are taking this knowledge to farmers in Australia and to the world, and the ‘4 per 1000’ initiative along with others are gathering force. See this piece for another good explanation. Rattan Lal is one of the most influential scientists in the Soil Carbon Space.

Everyone who ‘gets it’ becomes devotees as far as I have experienced. I believe we all know, deep down that the soils are truly the ‘mother’ of us all. And that indeed we will return to her.

Therefore, once the general population becomes aware of this, we will need to be ready!! Ready for the tsunami of demand for Farmer Credits. We will give the ‘mums and dads’ the way THEY can affect the climate — when they can’t do it at scale themselves.

BUT — how do we scale the divide between Farmers ‘doing the right thing’, learning these lessons, reducing CO2 in the air AND being paid for such? After all, Markets are what Farmers respond to.

In Australia, currently there are few ways — the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) being the best known. But it has a reputation for being complex, complicated and narrow in its focus. Where are the more general, easy to understand methods? Where are the new ERF methods?

Well, that’s where the 2019 Carbon Farming Conference comes in — and the ‘But Wait, There’s More’.

The message is this: don’t form your final decisions on entering the Carbon Farming market based on what is available right now.

Because, it is my job, between now and then to Scour the World, Invent New Ways, Bring Innovative approaches into International Methods and generally EXPAND THE OFFERINGS for Farmers. In short, to mainstream ‘Carbon Farming’.


What are farmers doing to increase soil carbon, what’s the best way to use Trees, and how do we get a decent return on reducing methane in cattle or other animals — not just for the big guys?

Every method, every market potential will be explored. 

There is no need to wait for the Government led ‘climate wars’ to be won. We have voluntary, international and emerging markets outside of Government policy currently available.

Carbon Farmers of Australia do not mount talk fests; we mount practical, market focused conferences. We must not let the grass grow under our feet on this.

Oh, BTW — Please note we have changed the dates slightly — the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo will now beheld 5-8 August 2019.

Visit the website
You can see the ‘events at a glance’ there now!

This is because we had to co-ordinate all the BEST venues in Albury — As a Participant, you will be given the ‘red carpet’ treatment for the VIP’s that you are. Each venue is handpicked to bring value to the message (including the ‘Bended Elbow’ for the Welcome event!). We’ll also feed and water you well— so your brains can best absorb the information.

Registrations will open early January, so for now, please just get those dates in the diary, keep your eye on the website and the newsletters and I’ll bring you insights into how we are developing.