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February 26, 2013 Louisa Kiely

CFI ‘heats up’

Amazingly, having reported the first soil carbon measurement protocol published, we have two more in the pipeline! And also, RCS (Grazing for Profit) will soon be putting up a soil carbon methodology for the CFI – with a new soil carbon measurement protocol in it as well. This leaves the CSIRO one needing to come to light. Yes, innovation will come. Thats what getting started is about. 

This is why we do not agree that investigating the sequestration potential of soil carbon is ‘going up a blind alley’.

Yes, we were floored by the Radio National Story on Sunday – The journalist did a great job, but it appeared to be a ‘shut the gate’ exercise from Dreyfus. Personally, I think he is worried that it is an area that the Opposition could just creep up behind them on – again. And again, the Government may be shown to be wanting.

Do we remember, for instance, how many times it took Thomas Edison to discover how to make an electric light work more efficiently! The scientists themselves now acknowledge the need to look into areas which we asked for right from the beginning (collaborative science with those making the high end of sequestration a reality)!

For our response to the Sunday program, please check it out here

To me, it looks like soil carbon may have just become politicised in this highly charged election year. However, the soil remains the largest carbon sink under our control, and if we do not want any perverse outcomes from only allowing trees to be planted , then we have only just found out one small piece of information to be put into the jigsaw puzzle. 

In the meantime, we had a great first webinar last week and are set to continue this week. This Thursday we continue with ‘The Carbon Farming Initiative Process’, featuring ‘The Seven Steps to a Carbon Credit’. Register now to receive the most up to date information from those that know!

I remain your humble carbon servant. I can be reached on 02 6374 0329, or email louisa@carbonfarmersofaustralia.com.au.

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