Can I still come?

March 13, 2014 Louisa Kiely

 We’ve been fielding  lots of calls from farmers and had a great response to our ‘Farmers attend FREE’    offer.    The conference will be a wonderful platform now to drive farmers forward to participation in a new market.   Much work to be done, but engagement in the knowledge is key. 

Some however, are now asking  – Can I still come? Farmers make decisions on a day by day basis and need to be as flexible as the weather is so unruly at times. And many other things can happen day to day.

So thought to write a quick note.

The answer is YES  – Registrations still open.  We are still processing farmer requests, and non farmers welcome as well.   I’ll even take some walk ups.   My caterers will kill me,  but so what.   Getting the knowledge out is more important.


Visit  to see the full program.

 The story is NOT just building- its about to become real – for farmers and for Australian soils.   Our conference is a mixture of conference and the best education around, so don’t forget to:

REGISTER NOW on the site (see side panel)





7th National Carbon Farming Conference and Expo

ALL your questions can be answered

Venue: Rydges Lakeside, Canberra

Dates: March 17th to 20th. 


Other speakers in the Soil Carbon Measurement space at conference.

Dr Raphael Viscarra – Rossel – CSIRO

Dr Raphael Viscarra- Rossel is responsible for developing novel approaches to measure, model and map soil for CSIRO Land and Water, and leads developments in proximal soil sensing, soil spectroscopy and digital soil mapping.  His research contributes to the CSIRO’s Sustainable Agriculture Flagship and supports its goals by developing novel scientific approaches to better understand soil and its condition.  Dr Viscarra Rossel leads a DA FtRG2 project to develop an innovative solution for accurate and affordable estimates of soil carbon;  a GRDC project to look at the effectiveness and profitability of sensors for measuring soil carbon, and co-leads the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) continental scale digital soil mapping project.



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