Can we do it? Yes we can!

March 5, 2013 Louisa Kiely

For those of us who believe looking after the planet is bigger than politics, we need to think of life post-election. So, what do we have?

If Labour wins (and stranger things have happened), we get ‘business as usual’ – The CFI, and a mandatory market, but with prices linked to the EU post 2015 – which, by all accounts probably means low prices! We also get a market STILL run by Government – and since when do Governments run a market well? 

If the Coalition wins we get the CFI, plus ‘CDM type’ projects – which is to say energy efficiency methodologies – in an effort to gain ‘lowest cost’ abatement. Soil is still in their ‘direct action’ plan, but has to compete with others. It is ‘assumed’ soil may well NOT be lowest cost (due to delays in getting going and bringing forth innovation I would suggest!) 

Either way, we get a mandatory market at low prices – high volumes AND/ OR a market dominated by ONE player – the Government – after low prices.

However – strangely enough, they both need to reach the 5% by 2020 target, which is quite a lot of carbon. Therefore one can safely assume there is a market.

As one who entered this space with a deep belief that we need to make changes to the way we consume energy and to the improvements of our ‘farm scape’ , as well as continue to grow economically and socially, then I’m wondering:

  • Can we make a market without ‘Government’ How do we transition from this phase of ‘Government forcing us to do something to a population which wishes to make changes and therefore change happens? 
  • Is this happening anywhere in the world? 

If so, what is the ‘business case’?

  • The cost of the extreme weather events is already mounting, here and overseas. This is why Governments are worried. China is worried! They will ‘mandate’ things as we move forward and it is likely they will impose tarriffs on countries who are not doing something. 
  • Most people have children and grandchildren and wish for our most beautiful planet to remain so. After all, ‘good planets are hard to find’ and even if there is a small chance climate change is real, if we give them a Good Value, easy to implement reason for adding $25 a week to their budgets to ensure it does, I have no doubts they will do so. (how much does a steak cost in Sydney, for example?)
  • Business understands they need a stable atmosphere to maintain business and they have a duty of care to stakeholders and others. Responsible business such as Transforce Buik Haulage in Dubbo NSW stands ready to support farmers in their bid to improve their soils and help them ‘clean up after themselves’

So, I’m dreaming of a real market, one where normal business drivers exist, where jobs are created and profits earnt, where our soils are simultaneously resorted, our air cleaned and our children protected. Where our energy efficiency improves, we learn to use our waste profitably again and Government is not front and centre!

Can we do it? Yes we can!

The Two Markets

In this week’s webinar ‘The Two Markets’ we will be exploring some of what is happening here and overseas and ‘envisioning’ a market we’d like to live in. Our webinars are for innovators – We go beyond just ‘explain the CFI’, we give clues to potential futures, we open up your mind. We have over 25 years of Marketing and Business experience which we have focussed in this area. Come, pick our brains and be inspired about the future!

What are “CDM Type” methodologies?

Greg Hunt this week said the Coalition would use ‘CDM Type’ methodologies in addition to the CFI. For those interested in finding out more about the CDM mechanism click here to gain an insight.

I remain your humble carbon servant. I can be reached on 02 6374 0329, or email

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