July 6, 2015 Louisa Kiely

Good Morning!

On this wonderfully cool, clear morning, with the sun shining through the window, grab a cup of tea, sit quietly for 5 minutes, and lets imagine something:

  • There is a group of farmers, joined either in an NRM group, a soils group, landcare OR clients of perhaps a sheep or cattle stud. Like minded people. 
  • The leaders of the group realise that agriculture has a pivotal role to take in sequestration and emissions reductions. Climate Smart Agriculture is the future.
  • So, they decide to learn about the ERF – engage with a $2.55 billion fund for now AND for what will come in the future. They do this over a 2 day conference with all experts assembled, and are now in a position to move forward. To the future.
  • They decide to ask WHO in the group would like to take part in a Whole of Farm Carbon Audit – Which will show WHICH methods they could take part in – From Planting trees to Soil Carbon and emissions reductions. 
  • The size of group means they could have a very decent bid into the ERF, can take advantage of economies of scale, and secure an added income for the Group or for Marketing ‘carbon credited’ wool, beef, or other products. For up to 10 years.
  • As the group implement the projects, their soils improve, they provide more shade and shelter for stock and to prevent erosion, and they improve their diesel and other efficiencies. Cost efficiencies. 
  • They are also able to satisfy the growing consumer demand for transparency and welfare for food and fibre. A marketing edge. Helping clients help the climate
  • Win/win/win. Environmental, economic,social. This is why we believe in it. 

So, don’t think of this as just a one – off Yes, Government policy may come and go but this is a world wide issue and agriculture is integral to the solution. OUR reduction targets can only GO UP. The framework WILL remain –

Preparations for the conference are in place – for another great gathering of minds and education you can’t get anywhere else! We are still taking registrations as we know farmers don’t make decisions before they know what the weather will be next week!

You know the rest – Pick up the phone 02 6374 0329 and



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