Carbon credits – you know you have to register first, right?

One of the messages yet to filter through to those wanting to earn a carbon credit is you have to register (or apply to register in the case of soil carbon) first!

One of the misconceptions about the Australian Carbon Credit scheme is that one can start to, say, baseline your soil carbon, and then if you notice an increase, apply to register the project. Or plant some trees and then register a project.

Oh no!

Rule number ONE: You must register your project with the Clean Energy Regulator (CER) PRIOR to beginning your ‘new’ activity which has the potential to increase your sequestration (tree plantings/soil carbon) In the case of soil carbon you must have at least applied to register.

I was reminded of this in an article in a recent edition of The Land.

The header was ‘Carbon Neutral Pasture’ (read the full article here.) They wanted to go carbon neutral from the paddock to the front gate, and the farm had done some great things with improving pastures for soil health. They reported that data was just coming through, but they had stored an annual average of 540kg CO2 per ha.

Which is great – BUT – they can’t earn a credit – or even the potential of one as they have not applied to the CER. Which of course they may not want to do. Each to their own, but if you are contemplating entering this market, just remember… REGISTRATION first.

While we are not doing Carbon Farming 101 at the Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo this year, I will outline the ‘steps to a project’ on the Soil Carbon Summit day. CFA is always available for deeper education post-conference.

In the meantime, the CER also has an outline, but be aware this is very ‘top line’.

The preliminary conference program is now much more complete. Head here to see the latest.

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