Aggregation –  Putting together smaller farms to implement carbon projects.

The purpose of ‘Aggregation’  in the Carbon Trade is to enable smaller farmers to ‘join together’  to make a larger project. Or for a larger farmer to
have a number of methods active on the farm, but trade them as one parcel of Carbon.

Most Growers usually cannot put together an annual 2000  tonne parcel of units which is the smallest tradable amount under the current Climate Solutions Fund (CSF). The role of the ‘aggregator’ is to assemble tradable amounts by combining Carbon Credits  from several Growers.

This model could suit a Landcare Group, or any other Grower group which has a number of grower members. It can enable economies of scale in implementation and administration.

Carbon Farmers of Australia understands HOW to navigate the complex arrangements to begin an ‘aggregated’ project and offers Aggregation Services for Growers wishing to enter the widest range of markets. These services include registration, pool management, and price indications and access to the Secondary Market.

Where possible, we will accommodate sub-aggregation of growers on small properties. Contact us for more information.

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