I’ve heard about this Carbon Job… MAYBE THERE’S SOMETHING IN IT!


But what is a Carbon Project Developer, and, do I need one?

Many people call me with regards to the ‘Carbon Job’ and what it can mean to them. There is now sufficient information and success around the fledgling industry that the ‘early adopters’ are interested.

But questions abound as there are so few options for education:

  • It’s complex and complicated, right?
  • Are there $$ in it?
  • What’s this about a ‘method’? Why do I need one?
  • Which methods are good for MY farm?
  • They say I need a ‘Carbon Project Developer’ – do I?
  • If so, what do I need to ask them to get a good outcome?
  • How do they work?
  • Can I be my own Project Developer, or can my Farmer group manage it?


It’s a sad indictment on this new industry – here we have millions being earned and large potential for many farmers to enter a new and potentially very large market. YET, WHERE CAN THEY GO TO BE EDUCATED?


So, YES, let’s smash this open – let’s ‘mainstream’ it.

We can start with 6 Questions to Ask a Project Developer.

Many have toiled in the ‘school of hard knocks’ so that Farmers the opportunity to earn a decent ‘Carbon Dollar’ and we now have world leading methods – I get much enquiry from overseas – “How did you guys get this going? We haven’t got anything like it!”.


At the Conference, I bring together ALL the major players, the Major Project Developers – COME AND ASK THEM ALL THE HARD QUESTIONS!


YEP, for the latest information and a pathway for decision making, all roads lead to the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo!

Come to the:

  • Half day Carbon Farming Field Day – kick the dirt, watch Carbon Farming demonstrations, get in the mood to learn more.
  • Carbon Farming 101 to get the basics like what is a method? Questions to ask Project Developers etc.
  • Welcome event after a hard day in the field and the Carbon 101 Workshop, where the National Carbon Cocky Award finalists receive their recognition.
  • 2 Day Conference to hear about Supply and Demand for Credits; what Farmers are doing; what the Regulator is predicting; what the New Government is saying. What about investors? What about methods outside the ERF? Is there a course I can do?
  • Soil Management Systems Gala Presentation Dinner to let off steam!! Amazing entertainment, and all the winners of the National Carbon Cocky Awards are announced.
  • Advanced Half Day program the day after – take that inspiration you now have and turn it into a project!

Then return home, confident in your understanding of the Carbon Farming system.

So what are you waiting for? Register now!



Group discounts (5 + registrations) are available
for the 2019 National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo.

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