Advice for Landholders

Carbon Farmers of Australia has developed a unique offering in the carbon trading space. We have worked for over 14 years with one aim –  to see carbon traded, and farmers paid fairly for what they grow.


We exist to empower farmers to make their carbon decisions from a position of knowledge and independence.


The co-benefits of Carbon Farming

Alongside carbon sequestration, the co-benefits of Carbon Farming include reduced erosion and soil loss, improved soil structure, increased soil fertility, reduced soil salinity, healthier soils, vegetation, and animals, increased biodiversity, buffering against drought, and greater water efficiency.

We de-mystify the Carbon Farming Initiative and trading in carbon credits so all can participate. The principles which drive our business model are as follows:

  • Carbon trading should be accessible for ALL farmers – we offer plain English training farmers can understand.
  • Farmers should be able to maintain their carbon rights and sell to whomever they wish whenever they wish. Or indeed bank them.
  • All dealings should be transparent and follow ethical disclosure guidelines – for example, in costs that will be incurred.
  • Compliance in this market is complex and needs to be managed. Carbon Farmers of Australia offers a service to manage compliance while the farmer maintains their carbon rights.
  • Knowledge of the system builds the infrastructure for farmer innovation – Carbon Farmers of Australia encourages full farmer knowledge to facilitate innovation.
  • Small and large landholders should have the same opportunities.
  • Marketing to regional customers is encouraged – keeping as much money in the regional areas as possible. Many people and companies will be interested in supporting their local farmers. Localism relates to carbon as well.
  • We are committed to keeping our farmers in touch and informed of the latest information and breaking news.

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