Farming under “Direct Action”  Whats in the future for Carbon Trade Policy?

The Current   Coalition Government has  committed to the $2.55 billion  ERF fund and there is $440 Million left.  The  5th auction is due to happen on the 6th/7th April.    You will need to have your project application in by the 21st February, so if you’d like to take part in the 5th Auction Please contact us.

If you are successful at the ERF auction, you can have up to 10 years of carbon income, guaranteed by a Government contract.  This is proving very attractive to some farmers.

You can choose to have a 25 year project or a 100 year project.

What will happen after the ERF fund is exhausted is as yet undecided.   BUT,  the Government has a review this year and we will have a clearer indication after that.

We wil keep stakeholders up to date as things unfold.

It is important to remember, however, that the absence of the ERF  fund does NOT mean you can’t have a project and earn Carbon Credits to sell. 

In Australia we are quickly developing what is known as the ‘Secondary Market’  and right now,  if you had  Australian Carbon Credit Units (ACCU’s) in your account,

you would be able to sell them.  Outside of the ERF.

The Secondary Market is comprised of people who want to offset their carbon footprint due to their own reasons,  NOT because a Government is forcing them to.

So , the time is NOW  to come to understand how you might be able to benefit from the Carbon Trade,  AND  potential increases in the price of Carbon.  What a shame  it would be if the Government had to go Overseas to buy credits to meet our Targets.

Farmers can choose from the available project types –   and the best way to know WHICH  ones might suit is to ASK US  –   With our experience we can look at your situation and assist you to understand IF there is potential for you AND which potential might be best.

We’ll do an initial  Whole of Farm Carbon Audit   to let you know, and this is FREE.  

Please feel free to give me a call at any time.  I’m always happy to have a chat on 0417 280 540.

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