Getting Started with the Carbon Farming Initiative and the ERF

Is my Carbon Farming activity compliant with any of the Government’s ERF methodologies? Can I make any money from Carbon Farming?

CFA can help

We are offering a free initial Carbon Estimate appraisal to eligible projects. This decision ensures that you remain in control of your carbon. We hold the appropriate Australian Financial Services Licence (no: 430135) and we are proud Foundation Signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct. Contact us for more information.

Why Trade Carbon?

The reason why governments choose trading over taxing to meet environmental goals is fourfold:

  • Polluters pay.
  • The financial resources flow into the businesses that are innovating new, low emissions technology and practices.
  • The profit motive is universally attractive and is a flexible incentive.
  • It can engage a large number of businesses in changing practices quickly.

Trading in soil carbon offsets or credits has many co-benefits beside the capture and storage of carbon: These benefits of soil carbon include less erosion, better soil structure, better water retention, higher levels of nutrient availability, and potentially higher production. Healthy soils mean healthier food and healthier people. There are also environmental benefits, such as greater biodiversity.

Growing and trading farm-based offsets is like growing and trading any other commodity. The Grower decides which produce they will grow, they grow to a standard, they choose an agent, and deliver as agreed. They use financial instruments such as futures contracts and insurance to manage risk. They use pooling to spread risk.

When trading in a new commodity, the most important risk management tool is knowledge or applied information. Carbon Farmers of Australia provides the information growers need to enjoy safe, ethical farm offsets trading. Contact us to find out how we can help you get started.

Experience counts


Carbon Farmers of Australia offers Growers information based on long experience in the soil carbon and Carbon Farming industries. CFA offers info on Trading, Programs, Contracts, Suppliers, and Carbon Farming.


This information is delivered via a variety of channels, such as workshops and seminars, email and blogs, newsletters and magazines, face-to-face and telephone.


CFA has access to practice experts from every major field of trading and Carbon Farming. This knowledge can be applied to your project. CFA uses Government provided planning models to assist growers to make decisions about Carbon Farming and Trading.


For more information on our services please contact us.




The role of the ‘aggregator’ is to assemble tradable amounts by combining units from several Growers. Aggregation can be done well by Grower Groups e.g. Landcare, Beef or Sheep Groups.


CFA offers Aggregation Consultation Services for Growers wishing to enter the widest range of markets. These services include information and knowledge of registration, pool management, insurance, dispute resolution, and price advice.


Where possible, we will accommodate sub-aggregation of growers on small properties.


Carbon Farmers of Australia deals only with trading programs that are structured to benefit the interests of the grower. After fighting for 10 years to win the right for growers to trade farm offsets, CFA has a track record of support for farmers.


Contact us for more information.

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