What, another elephant in the room??? 🐘 And it’s only January…

January 28, 2020 Louisa Kiely

  Welcome to 2020 and… Happy New Year? Indeed… What a start – Drought, Water limitations and Fires. AND a huge outpouring of human kindness. I sincerely hope that kindness is reaching those most in need. My sympathies are with…

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How can I earn a Carbon Credit – Let me count the ways!

May 26, 2015 Louisa Kiely

So, In the beginning, there was the ‘CFI’  or Carbon Farming Initiative. Only the LAND  sector could earn carbon credits. Early adopters took this advantage, and dollars were earned.  $250 Million of them!  Where is your share of $2.55 billion? NOW,…

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What if demand for ACCUs triples?

June 19, 2014 Louisa Kiely

Update of Carbon Farming & Trading Assocation We have a scheduled meeting with the Carbon Market Institute (CMI) to explore the opportunities for forming an industry body as part of the CMI – to provide the Institute with Carbon Farming…

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Back To The Future

December 12, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Well, well, well………… in an amazing year of politics, where nearly every policy has been changed, re-arranged , owned then dis-owned, it is an extraordinary fact that The Carbon Farming Initiative has been the ONLY bi-partisan policy to make it…

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More innovation around ‘soil business’ The journey continues

October 27, 2013 Louisa Kiely

As the interest in the soil,  its function in climate change mitigation and the role soil carbon can play in mitigation rises,  more innovation  comes forward.  In this article, we have a couple of great things happening: 1. Farmers in…

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