A new Day, a new 'Direct Action' way. Don't be left behind!

September 8, 2013 Louisa Kiely

  We  at Carbon Farmers have been talking with the Coalition for some time now, and have been encouraged by the bi-partisan support given the CFI,  soil carbon  and the Target.  However, we need to ensure we are on the…

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Gold Standard 'gets with' the carbon farming agenda!

September 4, 2013 Louisa Kiely

So,  here is the highly  respected  ‘Gold Standard’  venturing into the land sector!!   Here is the piece from the recent  V Carbon news  “As the Gold Standard expands away from its traditional focus on renewable energy and energy efficiency into…

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China mans the pump

July 19, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Michael  helps us understand some of the issues/solutions around the low price of credits Colleagues, Correcting more misunderstandings. The price of carbon credits is too low because there are too many of them chasing buyers around the world. Excess supply…

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Enough is Enough!

July 19, 2013 Louisa Kiely

OK,  so there is a lot going on in the ‘carbon space’  at the moment.    Are we getting an ETS,  a Direct Action,  or something in between?     As you know, we have been asking for a proper market, outside…

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Rise and rise of the carbon farm plan.

June 17, 2013 Louisa Kiely

We have been talking about   the ‘carbon farm plan’  for some time now.   It first came to our attention  in a  Scientific American magazine in 2006   –  yes, it takes a long time for  innovation to become  fodder for every…

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Whole of farm Carbon Audit

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Six questions you should always ask a carbon agent!

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