CFI – Monster or Monster Profits? Find out at the 6th annual 2012 Carbon Farming Week!

August 5, 2012 Louisa Kiely

SAVE THE DATE! – Carbon Farming Week incorporating the 6th annual Carbon Farming Conference and Expo. Dubbo, October 22nd to 25th.

You know, we need to give this Carbon Farming Initiative thing a fair go – after all, it could be a flow of money into regional Australia – we could build resilience in our soils and on farm. We could, as landholders, take our rightful place as heroes of the climate change debate (and be paid to do it)… But gosh (or something slightly more forceful!), it sure is a funny shape!

Even for us, now its here, it’s like giving birth to something you don’t quite recognize as your own! Trading is a reality, but now the rules and regulations are out, do we want to engage? After all, it can’t be done without landholders!

We bring together ALL the latest information and knowledge to answer your very real concerns:

  • Why are the rules the way they are? What the heck is the 100 years rule about?
  • What is a methodology and why do I need one?
  • Can I do this myself, or hand it over to the experts?
  • Is it just for the big boys?
  • Is there ANY money in this that is not just in the too hard basket?
  • If I get funding from a Grant, does it make it worthwhile?
  • I’m a grazier – when the heck will I be able to be paid for increasing soil carbon?

We’ll also explore a few other areas at the upcoming Carbon Conference:

  • How to do a ‘project’ (that’s what its called) yourself
  • How do I know a good deal when a project developer (that’s what they are called) comes knocking?
  • Planting trees sounds OK – how bad is the paperwork?
  • Could I make a buck if I’m storing soil carbon as well as tree carbon?
  • Innovation in measuring soil carbon. When can I baseline?

Alistair HandleyWe already have some exciting speakers lined up – including Alastair Handley, coming all the way from Canada to share his experience in trading in soil carbon. His experience helps to put it all in perspective!

Not up to speed with all of the new jargon? No worries – The Carbon Farming 101 half-day workshop the day before the conference (Monday 22nd October) is tailor-made for you!

Got a great product or process you want to bring to our attention? Be part of our exhibitors expo – always a great place to visit at conference.

Is there a topic on carbon farming that you would like addressed? Or an innovation to showcase? Well, ‘come on down’ and let me know all about it. You know I want to be the first to know!

I am now so ‘tech savvy’, and there is always so much happening in this space now, you can keep in touch by following me on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn.

For all the latest Conference news and to book your places now. I am, as usual, your humble carbon servant and can always be reached on 02 6374 0329 or at

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