CSIRO wins funds for lowering the cost of soil C measurement!

April 4, 2013 Louisa Kiely

The cost of Soil Carbon Measurement  (yes, it needs capitals,  its like  the Holy Grail!) has always been one issue holding back the development of a soil carbon meth.   We’ve never been particularly worried about that cost, as we know that business drivers will drive that down,  the minute we have an approved soil c. measurement protocol   –    we have many great minds out there.

However,  CSIRO has won funding to progress this as well in the second round of the Filling the Research Gap: 

An innovative solution for accurate and affordable estimates of soil carbon—CSIRO.

Funding of $1,227,515 ex GST

This project is developing a proof-of-concept prototype system for
measuring soil condition into a field-deployable system. This will
assist land managers to effectively measure and detect changes in soil
organic carbon stores and will provide reliable data to improve decision
making and management.

There are other, more ‘trade’ focussed projects winning funding now too, and to see the whole round results  click here

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