Don't confuse politics and good climate action!

November 17, 2013 Louisa Kiely

OK,  OK,  OK   –    Yes,   go ahead  and show your democratic feelings about the politics around Climate Change.   But please, don’t take the soil, the life blood of us all down to the murky depths of uncertainty with you!

We have an unfortunate confusion in these latest rounds of action.   While attacking the target, please don’t attack the soils you depend on for your very existence –  It is being assumed that the soils can’t do what the Coalition has said they can, and that makes me rather cross!  For the report,  Click here

 We need to separate: 

1.  The need for action  –  (and I agree we need a greater sense of urgency and bolder targets) with

2.  The tools we can use.    The Coalition has stood up and recognised the role that soils can play in taking Carbon out of the air and storing it in the soils (sequestration).  They have also maintained the Carbon Farming Initiative and pledged to cut the red and green tape which has prevented farmers from starting this very important job.    This is a FANTASTIC platform for farmers to be able to begin their important role in meeting the Governments’  Target (no matter what Government is in) .  Today is the deadline for submissions to the Emissions REduction Fund –  which is the Coalitions stream of funding to achieve their goals.   Carbon FArmers of Australia has identified no less than 13 ways the Government can remove barriers, and assist farmers to get going.   

The need for  ALL  solutions are becoming clear internationally as well, as the well respected Gold Standard begins to recognise soil and vegetation efforts – something they had not focussed on before. 

For goodness sakes, don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater –  Our soils are crying out for an increase in carbon –  Its the best win/win mitigation effort we can do world wide  –  To remind ourselves – as we take carbon out of the air,  use it in our crops and pastures, and then store it in the soils, we increase the soils’ water holding capacity and structure – assisting farmers to withstand the climate variability as well as improving the problem of too much carbon in the air! 


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