Emissions Reduction Fund 1st Auction.. And the WINNERS are ………

April 24, 2015 Louisa Kiely

Good Morning.    Trust you got some of the rain?   We seemed to be on the right end of the storms with 58mls of gentle rain over 2 or 3 days.

Nothing better to make one feel optimistic and fresh!

And so, the results of  first round of the auction are public.  Basically, they have used 1/4 of their funds to achieve about 1//4 of their ‘target’.  47 million tonnes of CO2e to be delivered over the next 7-10 years.  Some immediate, others further out.   $660 million spent.

On the fantastic side,  a Soil Carbon group was awarded a contract to deliver well over 3 million tonnes  – proving it is a serious player.  In fact, it was the second largest contract offered.

Also We know the ‘weighted average’  price was $13.95.  Thats not bad, all things considered.

On the down side,  1/4 of the funds are gone –  and next time there is much more competition as there are new ‘methods’ coming out all the time.  Much bigger companies due to come on line.

This makes it imperative that Rural and Regional Australia continues its strong representation to spread the regions which are receiving funds.

We must ensure that as many projects as possible get into the next round of the ERF  –  which is not yet announced.   Should be enough time to get organised with projects  –  But how?  Where do you go to get informed?

At the 2015 Carbon Farming Conference and expo of course!

Come to the conference to find out the how, when, where and why of getting involved.   Many experts to talk to – inform and arm yourself with information for yourselves.   Early Bird Registration open now, and I’m just finalising the fine points of the speakers and program. Every year this is THE conference to attend and now we have the ability to do Projects. This is a huge incentive to get going.  We all  need to be in that next round.

click here to download the flyer and I’ll be back in touch very soon with more details

As ever, please don’t hesitate to give me a bell with any queries. I’m on 02 6374 0329.


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