Emissions Reduction Fund’s 15th Auction will be held late March 2023

As with Auction 14, only Optional Delivery contracts will be offered for Auction 15. After Optional Delivery contracts were introduced in March 2020, there has been little demand for Fixed Delivery contracts.


The result of the 14th auction, held in April 2022, are below:



Not sure if you are able to register a project? What to know what activities CAN be rewarded under the ERF?


Please don’t hesitate to contact me to find out! CFA is involved in the ERF at all levels and spend 24/7 keeping up with the latest.


Again, you can do this by yourself, or CFA is ready to assist. At this point, should assistance be sought, CFA may assume the role of a ‘Carbon Agent’. We will assume all the tasks required to get the project registered and beyond, and will enter an arrangement with you as to how CFA will be paid for their services (normally NO upfront costs). This structure has developed into ‘Industry Norm’ due to the sometimes complex nature of the projects, AND the way it allows farmers to continue to do their normal work without being expert in yet another area!

What is the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF)?


The Emissions Reduction Fund allows landholders, communities, and businesses to run carbon projects in Australia that avoid the release of greenhouse gas emissions or remove and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.


The ERF has three key elements, including crediting, purchasing, and safeguarding emissions reductions.


The Albanese Labor government has now passed the Climate Change Bill 2022 which outlines emissions reduction targets of a 43% reduction from 2005 levels by 2030 and net zero by 2050.


The Bill also:

  • requires the minister to prepare and table an annual climate change statement
  • requires the Climate Change Authority to give the minister advice in relation to the annual statement and future greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets
  • provides for periodic reviews of the operation of the Act.

What does this mean for farmers?


The soil is the largest carbon sink over which we have control, and Carbon Farmers of Australia is dedicated to assisting farmers to realise the win/win solution of improving soil carbon which improves water holding capacity and soil structure while being paid to take carbon from the air.


We have run ten very successful Carbon Farming Conference & Expos to assist farmers to explore how this can be done and we remain at the forefront of the knowledge of how to increase soil carbon and reward farmers for their efforts. ONLY farmers can do this essential work.


But, there are other ways to be rewarded for increasing carbon on farm, OR for reducing emissions. To get an idea of the potential on your farm, a ‘whole of farm’ carbon audit is a FREE service we offer which will let you know if you can participate.

Want to maximise your earning potential from on farm carbon?

Find out how you can, with our Whole of Farm Carbon Plan.

6 questions you should always ask a carbon agent to find out if Carbon Trading is a good enterprise for you


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