So, who are these expert Speakers we’ll hear from at the Conference?

Speaker Brad Kerin

First in our expert speakers, meet Brad Kerin, General Manager & Company Secretary of Carbon Market Institute

YES, we’re gathering over 30 expert Speakers and 35 exhibitors to bring you the BEST all round education. The biggest and best of all sectors involved in Carbon Farming for Trade.

The idea of the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo, as you know, is to give you the knowledge you need to inform your decisions around Carbon Farming. No matter which sector you represent.

Over the next 33 days (yes, only 33 days to go!) I’ll give you some insight into our speakers and exhibitors so you can know where to head when you get there. And our Trade Displays are all taken! Many new businesses to talk to and ask your questions of.

Luckily, we will feed and water you well, to keep those brains able to take in the wealth of information. One’s best workers must be well fed!

However, this conference is not just for Landholders. Many segments of the economy are involved in Carbon Farming as it becomes ‘mainstream’. We need the lawyers to check contracts and other legal matters, and the accountants to let us know how to treat Carbon Farming Income. Agronomists and other trusted advisors need to familiarise themselves with the methods so they can advise their clients. Understand ‘carbon farming’ as an enterprise.

Not to mention the REGULATORS. Those that assist us to keep on the right side of the rules and regulations. After all, in Carbon Farming, we are selling something that you can’t see or feel. i.e. CO2e. Therefore, the rules must be rigorous to ensure the buyer is certain of what they are buying.

We always knew this industry would be a source of employment for many sectors!

Let’s explore some Speakers:

First up is Brad Kerin: General Manager, the Carbon Market Institute (CMI). Who is the CMI?

They are: “The independent industry association for business leading the transition to net-zero emissions.”

Basically, they are our peak body. They help us fight the good fight to ensure that policymakers and regulators are working in support of our Industry. Putting in submissions, making public statements on behalf of members, responding to policy changes, etc.

They look after other areas, not just Carbon Farming, so they are very busy.

They also manage the Industry Code of Conduct. This code is there so that Landholders and others who deal with Project Partners (like Carbon Farmers of Australia) can be assured that businesses who are a signatory to the code (like Carbon Farmers of Australia) have promised to adhere to the highest levels of transparency and integrity.

As you move around the exhibitors, ask any of them who are Project Partners for ERF projects – are you a signatory to the CMI code of conduct?

So, between the Clean Energy Regulator (who we have already spoken about) and the CMI, you can see that far from an unregulated market, Carbon Farming is actually highly regulated, with a high level of integrity built in. We are all striving for ACCUs to be the number one choice for Offset Buyers worldwide!! Maintaining our ‘clean/green Australian image’.

Brad will bring us up to speed not just on the Australian scene, but on what the Paris Agreement means for Carbon Farming in Australia. And the role of the CMI.

NOTE: Brad has a huge depth and breadth of knowledge, so catch up with him in the breaks as well. OH, and he also has a wicked sense of humour!

And Farmers/Landholders, remember…

You sell the CO2e, (either stored in soils or vegetation, or reduced emissions from ruminants) but you KEEP the benefit on farm. The trees you plant don’t leave your property, and the Soil Carbon stays on farm as well!

Sell the product, keep the benefit on farm. Amazing.



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