Fancy less talk and more action? Enter the 2012 Carbon Farming Gathering!

September 28, 2012 Louisa Kiely

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We call our gathering a ‘conference’ because I can’t find a more suitable word – But really, it’s a gathering, a demonstration of new technologies, an ‘action tank’ (which is my version of a ‘think tank’) an education, a great chance to chinwag with like minded folk, and a real eye-opener. Not to mention a rollicking good time!

This is where you come if you want to not only hear about the Carbon Farming Initiative, but also experience how it works. If you want to understand how it’s been set up, and discuss openly why. Where you understand that farmers are now the custodians of an incredibly important on-farm carbon resource, and discover the myriad uses of this very useful resource. I reckon farmers will come to bless the times that made on-farm carbon so bloody trendy!

Mark DreyfusMan, have we got a great conference lining up. In fact, The Hon. Mark Dreyfus QC MP, has now agreed to attend and present. We are asking both sides of politics to address the ‘road blocks’ we are currently experiencing – The 100 years rule, and the paperwork and outline the vision for farmers. Heard alot about Biochar? Well, at the Carbon Farming Conference you will be able to feel and smell it! As I’ve said, “waste ain’t waste anymore” – and we will demonstrate one way of ‘value adding’ your on-farm carbon resource. You see, the trouble with biomass plants is that biomass is really heavy. So, here is the solution – the portable char unit.

Carbon TradeXchangeA market needs buyers and sellers and for a trade to be made between them, right? In an absolute first, at the 2012 conference we bring all three together and we will demonstrate a sale of carbon credits – and Steve Fieldus, our carbon neutral truckie, will be the buyer. Seeing is believing! The Carbon Trade Exchange will be our intermediary. We love it during the year, when our Carbon Cockies proudly display their awards as they go on to further achievements. There are plenty of times it’s good to say “I was the Carbon Cocky of the year”, as you apply for further accolades. This year, we’ve again identified some amazing carbon cocky’s who’ve entered the Carbon Cocky comp. There’s still time to enter – It’s easy and takes no time at all (well, nearly no time!) – an we do all the hard work for you.


Can you believe I still have more announcements to make – more great things happening. We are gathering up some amazing prizes and give-aways… more of that next time!

As ever, I remain your humble servant. If you have any questions or suggestions for the upcoming Carbon Farming Conference, please contact us – And don’t forget to keep up with us on Facebook, TwitterLinkedIn and the blog for the very latest in Carbon Farming news!

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