Farmers are the HEROES of the Low Carbon Economy



“It has been reported that Farmers hold the key to lowering carbon emissions and storing carbon in trees and soils. As stewards of 65% of the Land Mass, Farmers now have the dual role of providing food and fibre AND lowering greenhouse gas emissions.

The report goes on to say “Quite amazingly, as this is achieved, on farm productivity and sustainability is improved. Soil quality improves, cows belch less methane and livestock have more shade and shelter.”

City folk are flocking to support these efforts with payments as they search for more sustainable sources of food and fibre.

“The farmers call it Carbon Farming for Regenerative Agriculture”.

The report concludes: “Why this has remained a mystery and hidden from sight is worthy of a Royal Commission”.

OK, OK, so this report has not yet been published – but it is the dream of CFA that it will be AND within the next 12 months.

In fact, it is the ‘Vision Splendid’!

Further, it is often said:

“There is nothing bought into being without it first being a dream, a thought, a desire or a drive”.


Therefore, dream BIG!

SO, what does the Future Farm look like to you in the Low Carbon Economy?

Will you be fairly paid for the ecosystem services (often called co-benefits) of Carbon Farming (also called Regenerative or Climate Smart Farming)?

We already know there is a Market for Soil Carbon, Tree Carbon, Reduced methane, solar/wind amongst others – What’s your dream for these?

  • Easier access?
  • Better knowledge around the DOS and DON’TS?
  • Fair prices?
  • Reasonable risk profile?
  • Genuine Innovation?

What else might we dream for payments to reward?

  • Improved water flow across the farm?
  • Freedom to choose HOW we increase Soil Carbon?
  • Wetlands restoration?
  • Whole of Farm activities (less complications)?
  • Recognition of what YOU are doing?
  • Improved flora/fauna?
  • Improved Landscape Function?

Whatever it is, Dream Big and Remember that Farmers ARE the heroes of Climate Change Action.

Join me, ask questions and DEMAND what it is we need to take this position.

Then we will come together August 2019 at the 9th National Carbon Farming Conference and Expo to celebrate what we found. I will be showing as many examples of how Farmers can be rewarded as possible.

Sponsorship opportunities are open now, the exhibitor manual will be available soon and registrations open in early January.

CFA looks forward to travelling this road with you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time either by email or phone. Those of you who know me know I’m always up for a chat! I look forward to talking with you soon.