Farmers of Australia, start building your carbon plan… now!

June 16, 2015 Louisa Kiely

from Carbon Farmers of Australia

As you know, CARBON CREDITS are a hot topic of conversation with Farmers all over Australia. 

We know you are keen to learn how to access a share of the Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) $2.55 billion put on the table by the Federal Government.

This is not Grant money.
It has to be earnt…. and $250 million has already been distributed to the Land Sector through the 1st ERF Auction”!

The pathway to gaining this new income stream sounds complicated….however, there are many options now available!!
All will be explained in detail by the expert Speakers and Exhibitors at the 2 Day Carbon Farming Conference Wednesday and Thursday 8th and 9th July, which is just part of the 4 day National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo in Albury.

This Conference is NO talk fest…. and practical information will be delivered in ‘Plain English’.
It is designed for delegates to be able to ACT on the information they receive – in time for the next round of the ERF!
It keeps Landholders and their advisers and product providers up to date with the very latest information about CARBON TRADING.
For your convenience, Louisa and Michael Kiely, Directors of Carbon Farmers of Australia, have used their experience and knowledge to gather the most practical and expert speakers in Australia all under the one roof at the same time!

At the Carbon Farming Conference & Expo this year Delegates will learn about all the NEW METHODS available through the Government’s DIRECT ACTION, hear case study presentations by early adopters who have earnt BIG DOLLARS to drought-proof their properties …..and most importantly talk to the many Project Developers on hand who can guide Farmers through the process of deciding the Method/s they should use when registering a Project for CARBON CREDITS.
Earning CARBON CREDITS is no longer just about Soil and/or Trees.
In a Carbon Farming first our Delegates this year will learn how a ‘Whole of Farm Audit’ will identify MULTIPLE METHODS for Farmers to use.
eg Soil Carbon, Finishing Beef Earlier, Feed Supplement, Mobile Farm Machinery, Stationary Pumps, Trees (do not discount them – plant them, save them, use the Government’s One Million Trees and GREEN ARMY program) … just to name a few!!
There are now so many new opportunities for the Land Sector to earn CARBON CREDITS over the next 10 to 15 years and drought-proof their properties…BUT there are also so many more competitors in this space….. including BIG companies who will gain access to the ERF by reducing their Emissions.

It is important that all landholders in Australia attend this informative Conference, which will update them on the many new opportunities available to them now… to build their CARBON CREDIT BANK and directly selling their own Carbon Credits to polluters or putting a bid into the Government’s Emissions Reduction Fund (ERF) Auction.
The 2nd ERF Auction is anticipated to be held later this year. Farmers should be working closely with Project Developers or their local Landcare Group or other Natural Resource Management Groups, getting their advice, preparing their Projects and using group buying power to get the best deals.
Farmers and other Delegates should visit the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo website and register ONLINE to attend any or all of the following:
• The 2 Day Conference • The Field Trip (See AMAZING NEW Carbon Farming Machinery)
• Carbon Farming 101 Workshop (Back to Basics) • Carbon Cocky Awards Gala Dinner
• Advanced Industry Workshop • Transport Emissions Reduction Workshop.
You can register here —–


saving them an extra $50 off their 2-day Conference ticket.

Local Land Services (LLS), Landcare, Catchment Management Authority (CMA) or other Natural Resource Management (NRM) Groups

We are really excited about the opportunities for Farmers this year.
Don’t miss out – this Conference provides learning opportunities provided nowhere else! Please don’t hesitate to call us anytime with any queries. Louisa on 02 6374 0329. AND Jan on 02 6882 1425.

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