Farmers remain the VIPs after Paris carbon conference

December 16, 2015 Louisa Kiely

Well, well well – Paris carbon meeting over, and everyone really happy it seems – I agree – and was especially great that 1.5degrees as an ‘aspirational’ goal was included – Remembering that the extremes of weather will increase for any further increases in temperature from here on in.

Quite a good summary here for Australia – Basically, the shake out for us will happen around the election – Will Turnbull be able to influence the coalition to do more, under pressure perhaps from the Labour Party, who are pretty sure they might lose and not have to implement the policy! However, as predicted, this industry ain’t going away – ERF third round in April, perhaps one more before the election – A general movement away from using Government money and more towards a market mechanism where polluters pay, PLUS a new International Agreement means Australia and the world need Landholders more than ever. The world cannot meet the target without sequestration.

This was acknowledged in Paris and the Soil Carbon Space was NOT discarded. We joined with the French Government in an interesting program – which re-iterates that the soils of the world CAN DO the job. Just reduce the price of measurement and we’ll show you what we can do. See here. Watch this space.

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