Feel like you’re on a merry-go-round?

Opinions on carbon farming

So many different opinions on the carbon farming/carbon trade market

Sell your credits? Hold your credits? Where to go to get the plain-English version?

In just one copy of The Land, this week there were two different articles on carbon credits. With two different opinions. How the heck can anyone make their own decisions around this potential opportunity? Is this right for my business?

CFA has been in this space since 2005

We understand how important the landholder is in terms of food security, soil security AND climate mitigation. We cannot meet the Paris Agreement of only 1.5 degrees warming or even 2 degrees without drawdown of the current legacy load of CO2e.

Photosynthesis is the only natural way to achieve this.

CFA organises carbon farming conferences specifically to ensure that the landholder is not forgotten as ‘other, non-farming technologies’ vie for part of the carbon market. This is a very big market, with demand only set to increase. We need to widen and deepen the landholder contribution.

At the inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo, we gather the industry together in one place so YOU can work the room getting your answers. Along with the expert speakers, at least 40 exhibitors will be waiting to answer your questions.

Our speakers will outline exactly what you need to ask to be well-informed. What is available right now, and what is coming in the years ahead.


  • New Soil Carbon method?
  • Updates from the Soil Carbon Innovation Challenge. Reducing the costs of measurement.
  • What’s happening in the enteric methane space? Feed additives? Method innovations?
  • Let’s not forget renewables on farms – what are the opportunities and barriers?
  • Where the heck is the agricultural policy going? What is the government doing?

We’ll share great food, coffee, and an invigorating gala dinner, to help you to absorb it all and make the important decisions. Many networks began at a CFA conference.


And in other news

Great things reveal themselves with the conference as I continue my quest to bring the brightest, best, and most innovative subjects to you.

Opportunity for sheep producers

The Australian Holistic Management Co-operative seeks to promote and support Australian food and fibre production based upon regenerative Holistic Management practices. The Co-op’s core activity is the EOV (Ecological Outcome Verification) program – a robust, scientific measurement of the health and resilience of farmland over time.

This could be important in the biodiversity space soon.  https://www.landtomarket.com/australian-grazier-grant-opportunity

Disclosure: CFA is a member of the Co-operative.

The Thriving Women Conference is on in August

According to their website, TW2023 is the premier conference event to secure a sustainable future for women living and working in agriculture and associated industries. The organisers are looking for abstracts, sponsorships etc.

Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program

The National Farmers Federation has a ‘Diversity in Agriculture Leadership Program open for applications: https://nff.org.au/programs/diversity-in-agriculture-leadership/

It’s described as a 5-month mentoring and networking opportunity for women involved in agriculture with a passion for the industry and its future. Sounds good! In the meantime…




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Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo

Monday 17–Wednesday 19 July 2023