First large-scale numbers of Soil Carbon Credits issued!

After a huge effort over many years from farmers, advisors, and others, Soil Carbon Credits are a reality AT SCALE!

As we know, the soil is one of the last great carbon sinks yet to be understood and built to its potential to mitigate and adapt to the changing climate. All while improving productivity.

This has all changed with the news from Beef Central last week. As noted in the release:


“It has taken new legislation in 2011, three methodology changes from 2014 to 2021, strict compliance with the regulations and the courage of the early adopting producers to reach this incredible milestone.”


Charlie Hawkins, from Carbon Link will be presenting at the conference under the topic Not all ACCUs are created equal. This is because soil carbon has many co-benefits. Far from decreasing productivity to run a soil carbon project on your land, as you increase soil carbon you will store more moisture in the soils, and improve soil structure – into drought later, out of drought sooner.

Not only that but Matthew Warnken, Co-chair of the Soil Carbon Industry Group and CEO of Agriprove may well have news on other soil carbon credit claims as well.

Have questions? Ask them of those who have done it…

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