Gold Standard 'gets with' the carbon farming agenda!

September 4, 2013 Louisa Kiely

So,  here is the highly  respected  ‘Gold Standard’  venturing into the land sector!!  

Here is the piece from the recent  V Carbon news  “As
the Gold Standard expands away from its traditional focus on renewable
energy and energy efficiency into forestry and land use, the standard is
seeking members to join its advisory panel on climate-smart
agriculture, to inform the development of social and ecological criteria
for the standard’s new climate-smart agriculture scope” For all the Voluntary  Carbon News click here

What the heck?     Well,   the importance of this is that the sequestration side of the climate mitigation puzzle has now got the attention of this  MAJOR  standard.  We are the ‘up and coming sink’ .  It is starting to ‘sink in’ (excuse the pun) that we need to take carbon out of the air to maintain the temperature at below a 2 degree increase. 

  What the heck 2 – Also may mean that in the future,  your CFI  project could be approved by this Standard as well.   This would add hugely to its credibility,  and International appeal. 

What the heck 3  –   It   provides an opportunity for the rules/regulations in the Australian system to be considered overseas.  We become more relevant.

As always,  onwards…………….


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