GOOD NEWS! Carbon Farming & Trading Continues, despite uncertain times

In these unusual and isolating times, it’s GREAT to realise that ‘Mother Nature’ is not only working for us, but also a source of great comfort, calm and fulfilment.

Yes, this is serious. Very. Please follow all health recommendations. I’m just grateful to have toilet paper in the cupboard!

What does it mean for Carbon Farming and Carbon Trade?

Well, Opportunity Knocks! Farmers are needed more than ever to provide healthy food and fibre from their country. Australians might even come to appreciate what the Farm brings them every day!!

AND after rain, (for some) it’s a great opportunity to investigate Carbon Farming.

  • What farm activities can be rewarded with a carbon credit?
  • How much country is needed for it to be financially worthwhile?
  • How long before you can get an income and how long does it last?
  • How do I sell my carbon credits? Do I need a Carbon Project Developer?

I’m happy to answer ALL questions for anyone’s specific situation, but for some general information have a look here. Otherwise give me a bell from your ‘isolation chamber’ : )

I also have several information sheets which give an outline of what some of the methods involve. If you haven’t seen them, please contact me through the website, or direct and I’m happy to send.

BEST is a phone call first as I can then understand your particular situation and give better guidance as to which methods would work in your country.

Can my grower group get involved?

Yes, you can! If you are in a Landcare or other grower group with suitable governance, Carbon Farming has potential to provide income for you as ‘aggregators’. More on that next newsletter.

Situation normal for Project Registrations and Credit Claims

For our wonderful regulatory body its business as usual (presuming they are doing social distancing and/or working from home).

  • Projects are being Registered.
  • Claims for credits are being assessed and credits delivered for payment.
  • The auction is in play as well.

Buyers are still around too.

While the price of carbon HAS declined in the Secondary (non-Government) sector, up until this week it was still possible to get $16.50 for a tonne of CO2e. Which is still way higher than the $10 many received in previous auctions.

AGAIN, LONG TERM all large corporations and many other emitters know they will have to account for their emissions AND their response to Climate Change. Yes, this secondary market is smaller, but is ideally suited for ‘Farm-based’ credits like Soil Carbon and Trees which provide shade and shelter for stock, i.e. Those that have co-benefits. These are ‘gourmet’ credits and have potential to command a premium. Smaller volume, higher price.

Productivity gains:

Finally, don’t forget – as you INCREASE your Soil Carbon Levels and/or plant trees or vegetation you get:

  • Better water holding capacity
  • Better soil structure
  • Shade and shelter in the face of a warming climate.

So, get to it!


P.S. I’m hoping that a quieter time will mean I can get a few webinars together to assist in your education!!



Want to know how CFA can help you, and the steps to registering a carbon project?