Groovy Map re 'we are going it alone' on price on Carbon.

April 3, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Now, we all know – Australia  is NOT the only country  putting a price on pollution.  

Here is a   Groovy Map  which shows in ‘easy to read’  detail.

 What this says to me is that there will be a lovely BIG market  to play in – and we’ll need to be competitive –  we need LOTS of experience in putting  ‘methodologies’  in on our farming land, managing our ‘carbon rights’  and trading.   Again, we always also say  – Don’t sell all your credits now –  the market might improve over the years.   Stay as informed as you can about what is happening in the markets and get educated about your  ‘future farm’ –  farmers now control a VERY important resource – CARBON – and they can’t mine it, so they have to leave you with the right to own it!   

Don’t forget that BioMass  is also full of carbon and has potentials as well!  

Regional Australia can generate good income, have job opportunities and be a leader in CO2 reduction –  its worth a good try. 

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