You know, it’s often a long and lonely road to becoming a Carbon Farmer for the Regeneration of our Farms and other Lands.

Convention has not been your friend – many will let you know…
‘Just put more on, mate’ is something heard in the past. ‘Suck it up’ – another wonderful Australian saying.

Business as usual is not an option – many Regenerative Farmers I know have come to the decision to change after facing devastation on farm.

David Marsh is one well known Carbon Farmer in this position as well as Colin Seis, who famously owes his success to a can of beer!

Like many others, these gentlemen and women also had to forge new paths, new ways of managing livestock and crops to bring their beloved country back to life. Often in the face of opposition or worse.

But, they have persevered and come through to realize the vision they had for their country. Or are on the pathway of discovery.

Others have contributed through education, lobbying efforts, new science and more. They’ve also ‘paid their dues’ as they forge new methods to restore degraded land or find ways Farmers could be rewarded for such.

As the famous Queen song says:

“it’s been no bed of roses, no pleasure cruise
I consider it a challenge before the whole human race…”


For all those reasons and more, Carbon Farmers of Australia are proud to announce that the 2019 National Carbon Cocky Awards are NOW OPEN!

These awards are unique in rewarding the efforts of Farmers and others in associated fields, who are cutting edge leaders in moving agriculture towards the Regeneration of Farmland using methods which either reduce Carbon emissions, Sequester Carbon in Vegetation or soil, or both.

This year, we’ll recognize Councils who are encouraging such things. Also, those bringing new Products or Processes forward to assist Landholders in these efforts. New grazing methods, new microbial inoculants, new fertilisers – to mention a few.

Past winners have gone on to be rewarded in many other fields and continued their leadership roles, vindicating our choices.

This year we have 13 Categories – so something for everyone. In addition, Young Carbon Cocky of the Year, Carbon Cocky Rising Star, Carbon Cocky of the Year, and the 2019 addition to the Carbon Cocky Hall of Fame will be announced.

Who would you like to see rewarded for their efforts?

You can nominate yourself or someone else.
Personally, I have quite a list to get in touch with to nominate, so expect a call soon!

Jan Grady, my amazing right hand man (ok, person to be PC) will be coordinating all of the entries. She can be reached by email or phone on 0429 821 425.

So what are you waiting for?


GO FORTH AND NOMINATE… Great things are up for grabs – most of all the prestigious title of:

National Carbon Cocky of the Year


WINNERS WILL BE ANNOUNCED at the renowned GALA DINNER which is the social event of the 2019 National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo (night of 6 August 2019). We’re about to announce the Fabulous Entertainment and Guest Presenters we have lined up for the Gala Dinner… and so much more to come!




Carbon Cocky Awards NOW OPEN!