HEAR YE, HEAR YE! Opportunity knocks!!



Calling all Landcare, Natural Resource Management and other Farming Support groups!

Q: What has Farmers as members, a vision for Carbon or Regenerative Farming, and an entrepreneurial bent for engaging with exciting NEW Markets for the diversification of farming income?

A: Farming groups interested to learn HOW their members’ interests can be fostered in this new market and to use creative thinking to FIND THEIR WAY to a share of Carbon Credits for members.

Q: So, where does one go to learn HOW to do this?

A: The 2019 Carbon Farming Conference & Expo!

Of course!

It was around the 4th or 5th conference we realized that EDUCATION had not kept pace with Carbon Methods, nor had it been explained to anyone (but the very motivated) HOW to engage with this market.

SO, we created a half day Training Seminar called Carbon Farming 101. In this seminar we enable those who are beginning their journey to understand the knowledge and language around Methods and Projects using Plain English and plenty of time for questions.

We also realised that Farmers and others LOVE to kick the dirt, see things WORKING and generally have a cuppa and a scone while they discuss it all. SO, we created the half day Carbon Farming Field Trip. This year it’s held at the National Environment Centre near Albury.

THEN, we started to see how many WONDERFUL Carbon Farmers were out there doing inspiring things. So we created the National Carbon Cocky Awards – where we could recognise the talent which is building this industry. Of course, it needed a Gala Dinner to support it – what’s an award without a ‘gala dinner’ to go with it? Perfect excuse to frock up if that’s your bent.

It became apparent that everyone gets very inspired over the course of the 2-day conference and so we created the Advanced half day Seminar. This is for those ready to move to ‘Lets get a Project going’. More in-depth explanations of the methods, how groups can ‘aggregate’ their farmers and more.

We threw in a Welcome Event just in case one needed to unwind after the field day and Carbon 101 Training – we even feed you after your big day.

THEN BINGO – We had a 4 DAY, 6 EVENT ‘Extravaganza’. Take a look at this year’s event at a glance here

It is with our usual enthusiasm and flair that we bring you the same this year.
Its going to be fun. Many business connections have been made at this event.


We call it Mainstreaming the Carbon Farming Industry.
Once there is more Farmer and Group participation, we’ll have an industry too valuable for any Government to ignore!!






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The National Carbon Cocky Awards are now open! Who do you want to see rewarded?

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