HNY! Let’s hit the ground running!

I hope the break was peaceful and restful.

Now, let’s get back to the business at hand. No time to lose. The situation in summary:

  • Climate change continues – worldwide attention and demand for greater action growing
  • Farmers control over 50% of the land mass and have the most potential via natural systems to mitigate the warming effect
  • Australia has a well-known/respected system that allows farmers to earn an Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU) for these actions
  • The market is already worth $3 billion to the economy
  • Australian Government now has much more ambitious targets for lowering emissions and sequestering carbon in soils and vegetation
  • MORE areas are opening up – the ability to earn credits (of one sort or another) for other activities – water quality, protecting biodiversity, lower runoff from agricultural land, etc

In fact, it’s pretty much as we foretold in our ‘farm of the future’ graphic!

For all of these reasons, we are widening the scope and extent of our 2023 conference. Just prior to the break we announced the Inaugural Nature-Based Solutions Conference & Expo – incorporating a full day on Soil Carbon.

Bigger and better than ever, by incorporating the new opportunities in biodiversity and other areas we will assist farmers and landholders to understand HOW to engage and expand the solutions farmers offer for slowing down the changes in the climate.

We will be exploring:

These and many other topics will be covered as we showcase the best of what is available for farmers and landholders in this space.

Exciting opportunities to collaborate and grow your company’s influence in this space are open now – apply here

So, strap yourselves in, follow the newsletters, ease into the detail and we’ll do the rest at the conference.

Always happy for a chat, so don’t be a stranger…