HO HO HO, its back to work we go!

January 13, 2014 Louisa Kiely

Hello,  one and all,  and welcome to 2014!  I must say, as much as I adore every one of my 6 grandkids,  ‘loving’ them all over the break is exhausting, and I’m looking forward to the relative peace and quiet of my desk! I trust the rest of the world is, however,  well rested and keen to get going as well.

So, 2014.   The year the Soil Carbon Methodology arrives.  Its a promise, and I’m not a politician! Yes, the long and winding road has a light at the end of the tunnel,  and the work that has been going on behind the scenes will, indeed come forth.   If I was a betting person, I’d now be ready to put money on it!

Much more on this as we get ready for the conference, held over from last year due to the election. We’ve already confirmed Minister Hunt, and many others.  click here to read the latest on the conference

I wanted today  to bring you  some other happy news which will affect the Land Sector and its ability to sell carbon credits into markets other than the  Emissions Reduction Fund.

There is a new report out “Use of internal carbon price by companies as incentive and strategic planning tool”   With the summary declaring ” Many major companies using internal carbon Price” 

Well, this is music  to our ears. Sure, its just a start,  but  these are big companies.   With the world talks on climate change seemingly forever stuck it its ability to move forward on action, it is significant that its not just US  States, China and others who are recognising the need to put an internal price on carbon as a long term strategy.  These are the emerging strategies which will underpin a world wide market.  

Its like that ad  ‘It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen’.    And it will take us a number of years to improve soil carbon and have some carbon credits in the bank anyway. Click here to read full document click here to read full document



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