How can I earn a Carbon Credit – Let me count the ways!

So, In the beginning, there was the ‘CFI’  or Carbon Farming Initiative. Only the LAND  sector could earn carbon credits. Early adopters took this advantage, and dollars were earned.  $250 Million of them!  Where is your share of $2.55 billion? NOW, the monk  has been to the mountain,  and the 10 commandments of  Carbon Trading  contain many more opportunities.   “Thou shalt reduce emissions” has come down!

Build your  on farm carbon plan now. Here are some options.

Scenario: Beef Cattle Grazier.

Method 1.  Soil Carbon. Earn carbon credit for storing carbon in soil.  3.4 Million Tonnes to be delivered over next 10 years. Government contracted.

Method 2.  Finish Beef Earlier –  If you get a beef unit off earlier, you are saving methane going up in the air –  you can earn a credit for this.

Method 3.  Feed Supplement – Do you feed urea blocks?   If so, we can change the block composition, and you can save methane  –  you can earn a credit for doing this too.

Method 4.  Mobile Farm Machinery .  Got some old machinery you’d really like to update, and need an incentive to do so?  Earn a carbon credit to do it.   Go in with 10 others and drive down the price at the dealership!

Method 5.  Stationary Pumps,  Sheds, Storage etc.   Same incentive to either  improve efficiency ,  or get new pumps.  Why not use the $20 K incentive in the Budget to help buy the new pump –  AND  earn a carbon credit.  BINGO, double whammy!

Method 6.  Don’t discount TREES –   plant them, save them.  More and different methods now out.  Better calculators.   Again, use the Governments   10 Million Tree program and GREEN  army program to lower the costs  AND earn a carbon credit.   Its all allowed.

As ever, please don’t hesitate to give me a bell with any queries.