Industry leaders, Carbon Farming industry expansion, AND an election?

carbon farming and the election 2022

The Australian Federal election 2022 is just two days prior to the beginning of the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo

The election is looming. What will it mean for Carbon Farming?

We’ve always maintained that new industry players will assist to evolve and expand the industry — each have something to offer.

According to the CMI, by 2030 the Carbon Farming sector will:

  • create jobs and revenue for regional communities;
  • contribute significantly to Australia’s net-zero emissions trajectory; and
  • enable a range of environmental, social, and cultural benefits.

Amen to that! There are jobs, evolution, and billions of $$ to be made from this very large market. So do you need to learn about it?

You can at the National Carbon Farming Conference & Expo beginning 23 May! We have 39 exhibitors, loads of expert speakers, and lots more.

Matthew Warnken

YES, with the 2022 election just two days prior, I haven’t been able to invite any politicians. Only the victor will want to speak and there is no time to commit.

However, the Carbon Farming industry is now worth over $2.5 Billion to the economy, so there is no risk to the industry no matter the outcome.

Also, luckily, we have Matthew Warnken from AgriProve. Here we continue our look at our expert speakers.
Matthew has made it his business to understand what the election will mean (from a change of government, to re-election of the current government) for the Carbon Farming Industry. So, he will be following the results very carefully (as maybe many of us will be).

Matthew will be able to explain what the results mean no matter who wins.

Spotlight on: Loambio

Here is an amazing success story. One of the ‘forgotten’ Carbon Farming enterprises is CROPPING. It’s a common misconception that soil carbon is lost under cropping, or at the best remains the same. There is one group that from 2015 has been determined to change this perception.

From the time Guy Webb (Co-Founder and Agronomist) met Peter McGee at the 2015 National Carbon Farming Conference (yes, ours!) he has been part of a team on a mission to find the right mycorrhizal fungi to allow annual crops to sequester carbon. Among other visions.

They have grown rapidly and now, as Loambio, take this message worldwide. According to their website:

Tegan Nock

We’re using the world’s smallest organisms to solve the world’s biggest problems. Loam works with 4.5 billion years of evolution to address the climate crisis. Microbes have changed the composition of our atmosphere throughout the earth’s history. At Loam, we are ensuring these organisms can do it again. Through a better understanding of how microbes influence the carbon cycle, we can create new planetary-scale opportunities for carbon sequestration and improve agricultural productivity.

Regenerative Farmers and others are coming to well understand that while they are beef producers, they are also plant biomass orchestrators AND that microbial activity in the soil is KEY to all. Now you have another livestock category to look after – oh great.

Tegan Nock, Co-Founder will let us know the latest in this quest.

And… Precision Pastures

Hamish Webb

Precision Pastures have a background in agronomy, traditionally offering services like soil nutrient zone mapping/biomass mapping/digital farm mapping, and electromagnetic soil samples. They know soil!!

With the advent of Carbon Farming and in particular the 2021 Soil Carbon method, Precision Partners are assisting Farmers to understand how to mount a project using their Carbon Starter Report.

Hamish Webb will explain how this works and what the productivity benefits from increasing soil carbon can be.

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