Innovation – the life blood of CFI as well

September 12, 2013 Louisa Kiely

Many of you came to our conference a few years ago when we show-cased a brand new technology from Canada  called BioAgtiv –  a technology to take exhaust emissions from the tractor, clean them and put the remaining CO2  down the tube with the seed, as a carbon rich fertiliser. 

 As farmers are soooooooo  good at innovation and invention,  we now see a version of this come up for the Inventor award at the upcoming Henty Machinery Days. click here to view

So what, you might say  –  Well, the thing is,  time and time again we are told that soil carbon – or even other farmer based CFI methodologies,  will never be cost effective  –  isn’t the cost of measurement too high, for instance.

 But, I say –  once we have the measurement protocol,  farmer/business innovation and development will come as night follows day!    I even have a very good example already –   We were sitting in the US Study Centre  Soil Carbon Day a month or so ago –  talking about the CSIRO soil carbon measurement protocol  due to come on line soon.    No sooner had it finished, and the discussion on ‘how much will it cost’  had started that some bright spark stood up and declared he had a system to do it for $1 an acre!! 

OK, so that group has a ways to go to get their concept accepted, but I’m talking about the principle!  Which is  –  innovation, evolution WILL come .  Costs WILL come down.   High price or early version technology is NOT a reason to not start.

 What remains to be seen is if Direct Action  CFI will reduce the barriers to entry for farmers so we can get on with the job at hand of sequestering carbon, improving our water holding capacity, provide food and fibre and assist to drought proof our farms in the warming climate.

We’ll cover this all at the 7th annual Carbon Farming Conference and Expo –  Details very soon! 



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